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Sky-Tech Sky-Lights has developed this web site as an information service for those interested in knowing more about our premier product, the SunScope - a super-reflective, maintenance-free natural light system that allows daylight to illuminate your home. Daylight is reflected down the SunScope to a translucent ceiling fixture, which uniformly diffuses natural light throughout your home - even on a cloudy day!

How much space will the SunScope illuminate?

Based on a 8' foot ceiling height, the 8.5" inch SunScope will illuminate approximately 100 square feet. The 13" inch SunScope will illuminate approximately 225 square feet. The 17" inch SunScope will illuminate approximately 325 square feet and the 21" inch SunScope will illuminate approximately 450 square feet.

Is the SunScope easy to install?

Yes, a handyman can easily install the SunScope in about three hours. Because the SunScopes are all less than 21 inches in diameter, they require no structural changes, drywall repairs or repainting.

Does the SunScope require any maintenance?

The SunScope has no mechanical parts and, when properly installed, is maintenance-free.

Is there a problem with leakage?

Once the SunScope is properly installed, there is no way for leakage to occur.

What is the maximum length of pipe that can be installed?

The 8.5" SunScope has a maximum practical height of 10 feet. The 13" SunScope has a maximum practical length of 20 feet. Beyond this length, loss of light warrants the larger 17" & 21" diameter SunScope.

Does the SunScope block harmful UV rays?

Yes, the SunScope blocks 99 per cent of harmful UV rays. However, house plants flourish under the natural, full-spectrum light provided by the SunScope.

What is the SunScoop?

The SunScoop is an attachment designed to maximize the performance of the SunScope during winter, when the sun is low on the horizon. The curved, reflective SunScoop more than doubles winter-time performance.

Is the SunScope expensive?

The SunScope is very affordable when compared to other natural light systems - especially when comparing the cost of installation.

Is there heat loss or heat gain from a SunScope?

There is virtually no heat loss or heat gain due to the unique design of the SunScope - "light without heat" in hot climates and "light without cold" in northern climates.

What if the location I choose to install my SunScope interferes with the ridge rafter or other structural designs?

SunScope can be fitted with 30 or 45 degree elbows to redirect to more convenient building locations.

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